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Dynamic processes in flux

Reorientation and design in professional and private life

mg-processing is the result of personal professional developments and helps customers, businesses and institutions adopt coherent and targeted processes.

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Why mg-processing

Years of experience

I draw on my many years of experience in supervision, coaching, adult education and mediation to find the best possible solution for you.

4 languages

I offer all services in different languages:
German, French, Italian and English.

Online offer

Do you have a tight schedule? No problem! I would be happy to support you with my online offers.


I support you in various roles and contexts, as well as in recognizing changing social relations.

Encompassing cultures

In a globalized world, it is essential to understand different cultures in order to build bridges together.


A clear presentation of expectations and responsibilities provides the framework for cooperation.

mg processing Marcel Grandjean

As a consultant and trainer for adults I give impulses when drawing attention to perception, feeling, reflection, desire and planning, all while taking into account different perspectives. This is done by feedback, summaries, targeted questions, reflection, resonance and also by stimulating confrontation.

Marcel Grandjean

MAS in supervision, coaching and mediation, federal patent in adult training


Languages, so that we can put intercultural barriers behind us


Organizations where I was able to actively support my clients


Reasons that speak for me: flexible, customer-oriented, quality-conscious


People who have reoriented themselves on a personal and professional level


Since my company’s launch in 2008, when it was called "Lernen und Erfahren", I have been involved in consulting and further education so that solutions and objectives can be achieved in the best possible way with clients and partners.

In order to make my biographical resources and knowledge usable for all, I offer tailored advice and training.

The spectrum of my services also reflects my own learning and sense-finding processes in life.

Member of

“I like Mr Grandjean’s intuitive way of working, his fine sense of what happens beneath the surface, and his very positive and appreciative attitude. I am very satisfied with the result of the coaching and would like to recommend Mr. Grandjean.”

C. Buschta, lic.phil.

Federal Trainer

“He knows how to initiate and maintain sustainable promotion and quality development. We recommend Mr. Grandjean’s professional services in the belief that other institutions and customers will achieve their goals perfectly with him.”


Recognizing perspectives and finding new ways

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