People use their currently available resources in the best possible way to deal with challenging concerns, questions and conflicts in professional and personal contexts. Sometimes there are no coherent solutions and ways, which is a sign of the next development steps. In this I see the natural need for future learning and change processes. Professional consulting processes have a supportive and purpose-boosting effect in order to make meaningful progress as an individual, as a team, group or organization.

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“Life becomes easier when we accept its complexity”


For: individuals, groups, or teams

I consider the successful management of professional tasks in one’s role and function to be central and keep my focus on resource strengthening so that the range of actions is further developed and expanded. In coaching, I pay attention to self-directed planning and implementation of defined goals. In multi-person settings, special attention is paid to the common focus on upcoming changes. The consultation always takes into account social, cultural, organizational and personal aspects.

Key topics in coaching often include:


For: individuals, groups, or teams

Supervision is a structured form of counselling or support to reflect on and develop professional actions.

As a consultant, I make sure that I initiate, accompany and support learning and change processes in a resource-oriented manner. In multi-person settings, I strive for an appreciative encounter and constructive discussion for all participants in their respective professional roles and functions.

Key topics of supervision often include:

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Dynamic processes in flux

MG Processing Supervision gross

Exemplary process

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Marcel Grandjean

MAS in supervision, coaching and mediation, federal certificate in adult training


As a consultant, I proceed in a structured manner and work out a conflict analysis and an intervention design in relation to the prevailing escalation stage.

Mediation is a structured and voluntary process for couples or dyads, groups and teams and requires the involvement of all parties concerned in order to understand, process and resolve the underlying conflict in a constructive way.


For: individuals, groups, or teams

Do you need and want further education in the form of seminars, specific trainings or courses?

I would be happy to talk to you about your needs and wishes in order to design offers according to your standards so that you, your team or institution can get the best possible benefit.

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Clarification of the order / Contract

A clear presentation of expectations and role-specific responsibilities, as well as a demarcation from delegations, provide the framework in which the conditions for cooperation are developed. The contract is the formal basis for a joint decision to enter into counselling or further education.

Example contract:

What is the cooperation?

Non-binding contact
Initial interview and order clarification
Collaboration / Process
Evaluation and outlook, possibly further education
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Q & A

Here you will find answers to common questions.

As a consultant, I offer coaching, supervision in various settings and mediation, which are planned, carried out and evaluated with you. In addition to these formats, I also offer accompanying psychological counselling in the form of a longer coaching process and moderations.

On request, I will also be happy to accompany you online via Skype or Adobeconnect.

I design tailored further education and language courses on request and orient myself to your needs and goals.

The cost of my services depends on order, setting and effort and is customary in the discipline; Consultations with individuals from 150 francs per hour, groups and teams from 200 francs per hour. Travel time and expenses can incur a moderate surcharge depending on the order. In the case of consultations, only 50% of the initial interview is to be paid if the agreement is not reached. For further education and language courses, the lessons cost from 90 francs per hour for individuals, and for groups and seminars from 180 francs per hour. Depending on the agreement, there are discounts for lesson packages and if the service is provided online. Depending on the agreement, advance payments (especially for self-payers) or (especially for institutions) partial and final payments are common.
I provide my services in Zurich, in Locarno (see map) or on your premises. I also organize meeting rooms or training rooms as needed. If the setting allows it, the collaboration is always possible online.
I am qualified and certified for all my services. The association membership of BSO, SCA, SVEB stand for high quality and confirm the recognition of my training, studies and the ongoing own and documented quality management.
Do you contact me without obligation with your request and target by e-mail or telephone? Then the process looks like this:
  • Initial discussion and agreement/contract
  • Planning and implementation of the service
  • Process and interim evaluation (modifying the agreement if necessary)
  • Process and evaluation
  • Closing and outlook (possibly new agreement)
  • Feedback

Recognizing perspectives and finding new ways

Contact me for your project without obligation