About me

As an enthusiastic person and learning partner, I have an open attitude towards the ever-changing life and get creatively involved in changes and challenges.

Accompanying and supporting people with care and also with humour, dealing flexibly with challenges and becoming aware of our own abilities and possibilities, all this I consider as a personal strength and opportunity. Linguistic, non-linguistic and social skills promote holistic perception and understanding. They enable a sustainably congruent relationship design and beneficial careful cooperation.
I find strength and motivation for active design and innovation in untouched landscapes, in exchanges with people of different cultural and professional backgrounds. In particular, I enjoy the mountain and desert world, practice Tai Chi Chuan, like oriental cultures, languages and travel. Music and movement are what resonate with my life.
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"My professional activities in the fields of counselling, support and adult education, this in different roles and contexts, as well as the recognition of changing social relationships, show that reorientation and joyful design in professional and private life is meaningful.

Marcel Grandjean​

MAS in supervision, coaching und mediation, Swiss federal trainer FA

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What makes me?

In the role of consultant and trainer, I meet people with a benevolent and emphatic attitude in order to enable a trust-conducive and constructive relationship-shaping. On this basis, customers and partners formulate their development wishes and questions in a self-determined manner. With discretion, respect, authentic interest and careful respect for boundaries and open spaces, I support customers when crossing new thresholds. In doing so, I also activate the sense of creativity and enable an ongoing reflection and integration of insights and experiences. In my approach, form-creating, connecting and impulsive elements become tangible from the first contact to the end of the order.
MAS in supervision, coaching and mediation (ZHAW)
Languages ​​so that there are no communication barriers
Organisations that I have been able to actively support.
Reasons that speak for me: flexible, customer-oriented, quality-conscious.
People who have reoriented privately and professionally.
Common goal

Leading theories

The working methods of my integrative consulting services and my understanding of teaching are based on various tried and tested concepts. Based on my humanistic view of people, the person-centered approach is for me the starting point and motor for an amiable and appreciative process-oriented consultation and training. In addition to humanistic psychology, system theory and relevant current neuroscientific findings are important to me. In particular, I rely on the well-founded work of J. Kuhl (PSI Theory) and the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM) according to Krause/Storch. Integrative and professional work, as I understand it, requires different approaches that are used responsibly, flexibly and in consultation. In concrete terms, this requires a multi-theoretical, multi-methodical and multi-perspective approach, which makes use of various possibilities for accessing perception, feeling, thinking, wanting and planning.
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Quality in the foreground

  • The consulting work as I understand it through my basic attitude, the underlying human image, as well as the formulated approach and the working methods, requires continuous review and reflection. For this purpose, the professional-ethical guidelines of the Professional Association for Coaching, Supervision and Organizational Consulting (bso) serve me and to which I feel obliged as a member of the association.
  • In addition, I regularly meet for intervision in order to carry out my own upcoming development steps as supervisor, coach, mediator and adult trainer and to optimize the customer benefit.
  • In addition, the selective use of supervision is helpful and conducive to one-off professional activities.

Learning biography

"In the achievement of personality ,there is nothing less than the best possible development of the whole of a particular individual being"

C. G. Jung

Education and training


Professional experience and activities

On the way of life, I repeatedly encounter new challenges that are not mastered by logical thinking alone. Then the whole person is required and we activate the highest level of accumulated life experience.


Recognizing perspectives and finding new ways

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